Contact Lenses ZenVu RX monthly 6 lenses/box

  • Diameter: 14 mm
  • Period of use: Monthly
  • Water Content: 47%

ZenVu monthly 6 lenses / box

  • High transmissibility of oxygen;
  • UV protection;
  • Outstanding results in lens placement.


  • The cornea receives more oxygen, thus offering high comfort and health for the eye;
  • The lens movement on the eye is optimized;
  • Increased sensation of patient comfort and ease of handling the lens;
  • Protects your eyes from UV rays;
  • High comfort throughout the day.

ZenVu contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel. Thanks to the high oxygen and water mixture, keep the comfort and health of your eyes throughout the day.

The product is new and marketed in the original packaging of the manufacturer. The images on are for information purpose. The shade, tone and color intensity may vary depending on the monitor.

  • Curve Radius: 8.6 mm
  • Diameter: 14 mm
  • For: Myopia - Hypermetropia
  • Lenses per Box: 6
  • Manufacturer: ZenVu
  • Material: Silicon-Hidrogel
  • Model: RX lunare 6 lentile/cutie
  • Oxygen Transmissibility: 190 Dk/t
  • Period of use: Monthly
  • Water Content: 47%
  • Way of Wearing: Daily use
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