Bausch & Lomb Maintenance Solution for Contact Lenses Biotrue 300 ml + gift contact lenses holder


Biotrue 300 ml + gift lenses holder - multifunctional solution inspired by your eyes!
The human eye is an amazing organ. Eyes allow us to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world, while they are cleansed, hydrated, and maintain their own health. And now comes the moment of bio-inspiration for a last generation solution dedicated to contact lens maintenance - the Biotrue ™ multi-functional solution that hydrates, cleanses, disinfects, deproteins, rinses and keeps your contact lenses.

Biotrue provides complete disinfection that healthy eyes need.

Biotrue combines a dual disinfection system with the deproteinizing function and the unique, bio-inspired attributes of a balanced, pH, similar to healthy tears, to ensure unrivaled disinfection.
Biotrue uses hyaluronate, a natural lubricant found in the human eye.
Biotrue moisturizes contact lenses in a way that keeps your eyes moist - by using hyaluron, a lubricant that is found throughout the human body.
Biotrue is compatible with the pH of healthy tears.
Eyes that are healthy always create a perfect environment. That's why the unique Biotrue formulation is designed to match the pH of tears to a healthy eye - thus maintaining the natural eye conditions and activating the system's dual disinfection system.
Biotrue keeps certain beneficial natural proteins from tears.
Proteins in their native state act naturally against bacteria, automatically destroying microbes. Distorted proteins that have lost their initial structure due to external factors are effectively removed by the Biotrue solution.

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