Auva Vision Obsession Sensuality Diamond 90 wears

  • Color: Multi-color
  • Diameter: 14.20 mm
  • Period of use: 90 wears
  • Water Content: 42%

Green Lenses – Obsession Sensuality Diamond


Contact lenses from the Obsession collection have a lingual ring on the outside of the lens and have an emphasis on the entire surface of the iris, which makes them seem slightly darker at a distance.

These contact lenses are perfect for those who want a natural change in the color of their eyes.

 More details 

► Lenses that can be worn daily or occasionally for 3 months. Provides UV protection.

► Lenses are available without a prescription, for cosmetic use.

► The box contains 2 lenses, lenses case, and silicone tweezers to handle the lenses. The maintenance solution is not included.

► Change the color of your eyes and offer absolute comfort.

► Match: light eyes, dark eyes, very dark eyes.


 Additional Details

For the health of your eyes, it is recommended to use a sterile solution to maintain contact lenses!

Contact lenses do not wear during sleep. In the period when they are not worn, they are kept in a maintenance solution. Images are for information.

Depending on the color of your eyes, the appearance of your lenses may be different.
The product is new and marketed in the original packaging of the manufacturer.

The images on are for information purpose. The shade, tone and color intensity may vary depending on the monitor.

  • Curve Radius: 8.6 mm
  • Diameter: 14.20 mm
  • Lenses per Box: 2
  • Manufacturer: Auva Vision
  • Material: Polymacon
  • Model: Obsession Sensuality Diamond
  • Period of use: 90 wears
  • Water Content: 42%
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