Alcon / Ciba Vision Contact Lenses Maintenance Solution AO Sept Plus 365 ml + gift contact lenses holder


Maintenance solution AO Sept Plus 365 ml + gift lenses holder - the multifunctional solution inspired by your eyes!

AoSept Plus is a peroxide-based cleaning solution. This type of solution disinfects contact lenses much more effectively than solutions based on aqueous sterile solution. It is recommended for all lenses, but especially for wearers wearing continuous 1 month lenses. Lenses being worn for a longer time contain higher protein deposits, making it more likely to use a stronger solution.

- Clean
- Rinse
- Removes proteins
- Disinfect
- Neutralizes
- It does not contain preservatives

Recommendation: Can be used for any type of contact lenses
Way of use: Put the lenses in the container and and rinse the lenses for 5 seconds. Fill container with Ao Sept Plus solution up to the indicated mark. Leave the lenses in the container for at least 6 hours or overnight.
Terms of use: 3 months from opening
Includes a lens neutralizing catalyst container
Content: hydrogen peroxide (3%), phosphonic acid, sodium chloride, phosphate, poloxamer.
Daily cleaning: It is advisable to clean the contact lenses daily. because, during the day, dust, makeup or impurities adhere to the surface of the lenses and may cause discomfort or irritation. For day-to-day cleaning, you can use a multifunctional sterile solution in order not to wait for 6 hours to neutralize the lenses.
Disinfection and storage are only possible with specially designed solutions. Do not use physiological serum or other solutions to keep the lenses because they do not disinfect them.

- Discard the lenscase solution after each use. Never reuse the solution.
- use the solution before the expiration date
- do not drop directly into the eye
- Do not use with a container other than the one that comes with the solution
- never remove lenses from the container earlier than 6 hours because they must be neutralized
- Never rinse the lens with Ao Sept Plus before applying it. Just for rinsing use a sterile solution.
- Use this solution if you have irritated eyes

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