Alcon / Ciba Vision Freshlook Dimensions Sea Green - monthly green colored contact lenses - 30 wears (2 lenses / box)

Alcon / Ciba Vision
22,70 EUR

Diameter: 14.50 mm
Water Content: 55%
Period of use: 30 wears
Color: Green

Diopters: 0,00 (Without diopters)
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Green Lenses - Freshlook Dimensions Sea Green


► Lenses that can be worn daily or occasionally for 30 days.

► Change the color of your eyes and offer absolute comfort.

► The lenses are without diopters.

► Wearing Mode: Daily Wear

Additional Details

It is recommended that you also purchase the lens maintenance solution!

The FRESHLOOK DIMENSIONS - are natural-looking lenses made with the combination of 3 colors, with a radical or subtle effect of eye color.

The product is new and marketed in the original packaging of the manufacturer. The images on are for information purpose. The shade, tone and color intensity may vary depending on the monitor.

Color: Green

Period of use: 30 wears

Colored lenses type: With dioptres

Model: Freshlook Dimensions Sea Green

Diameter: 14.5 mm

Lense / box: 2

Water content: 55%

Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer

Curve radius: 8.6 mm

Oxygen transmissibility: 20 Dk/t

Manufacturer: Alcon / Ciba Vision

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