Alcon / Ciba Vision Dailies Total 1 single use 90 lenses

102,00 EUR

Diameter: 14.1 mm
Period of use: Disposable lenses
Water content: 33%

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Alcon / Ciba Vision Dailies Daily total 1 - 90 lenses / box (from -10.00 dpt to -0.50 dpt.)


Number of lenses: 90
We clip about 14,000 times a day.
This is one of the reasons why contact lenses need a devoid of silky surface to reduce the irritation of the delicate tissues of the eye. Your eyes need a contact lens that is just as comfortable at the end of the day as when you apply it.
The solution? A contact lens with daily use that delivers extraordinary, lasting comfort with revolutionary technology.
Smooth surface for exceptional comfort even at the end of the day.
The innovative design of these contact lenses has a variable surface water content, higher in the surface, over 99% where your eyes need, and lower inside, where you do not need.
The outcome? 9 out of 10 carriers said the lenses are so comfortable that they do not even feel it.
To look healthy and feel healthy, your eyes have to breathe!
With an internal water content of only 33%, the DAILIES TOTAL1 lens offers more oxygen transmissibility than any other available daily contact lens. ® DAILIES TOTAL1 lenses offer up to * 6X more oxygen compared to other major daily contact lenses. The product is new and marketed in the original packaging of the manufacturer. The images on are for information purpose. The shade, tone and color intensity may vary depending on the monitor.

Model: Dailies Total 1 disposable lenses

Diameter: 14.1 mm

Lense / box: 90

Water content: 33%

Material: Hidrogel

Curve radius: 8.5 mm

Oxygen transmissibility: 156 Dk/t

Manufacturer: Alcon / Ciba Vision

Period of use: Disposable lenses

Can I sleep with them?: No

For: Myopia - Hypermetropia

Way of wearing: Daily use

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