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Voriso Blog

What Parents Need To Know About Contact Lenses

One of the most common questions that parents ask ophthalmologists is:

“Is it good for the little ones to wear contact lenses?”


Wearing contact lenses does not depend on age. Many preschool children wear them, while some teenagers should not wear them. Each case is different from the others. That’s why it’s good, as a parent, to know a few things about wearing contact lenses for kids.


  1. Some types of contact lenses slow the development of myopia

Eye growth is responsible for the increase of myopia. Thus, several studies have shown that orthokeratological contact lenses, which are worn only during the night, slow down the eye’s growth, and thus the advance of myopia, which in some situations can stop it.


  1. Contact lenses are indicated for sports activities

Children who practice a sport could be helped to improve their performance by wearing contact lenses, especially for team sports, because the peripheral vision will not be obstructed by the glasses.

In addition, orthokeratologic lenses, which are worn only during sleep, will help to see it very well during the day. Thus, children who practice a sport will no longer worry that they can lose contact lenses during training or sports competitions.


  1. Most children and adolescents prefer contact lenses

Most children and adolescents prefer contact lenses at the expense of glasses because their self-esteem is closely related to how they look. If they do not like how they look like wearing glasses, this could affect their self-esteem and even school performance. So, as soon as they give up their glasses in favor of contact lenses, many shy kids start to be more sociable and more active.


  1. Children are more attentive to the care of contact lenses than adults

Many ophthalmologists believe that adolescents and even children are more careful in contact lens care than adults and strictly adhere to their retention rules.

But in order to know all the details about wearing and care of contact lenses, you have to go with the little one to the ophthalmologist, especially if you are going to wear the lenses for the first time.

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