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Voriso Blog

Voriso Blog

Wear Contact Lenses At The Sea Or At The Pool

The hottest season of the year is in full swing, so people choose to go to the pool or on the seaside. During this time, most people with dioptres drop their eyeglasses in favor of contact lenses for better mobility.

In most cases, people with vision problems opt for contact lenses when they go to the sea or the pool, so they can wear sunglasses. This is recommended if you just sit at the beach without getting into the water.

Swimming with eye contact lenses should be avoided because they are porous and can absorb bacteria and chemicals found in any source of water, so there is a risk of irritation, infections or other medical problems.

One of the dangers of contact lens wearers in water is Acanthamoeba. This is an amphibia that can penetrate between the lens and the eye, causing serious corneal inflammation and a small circular patch that causes eye pruritus.

If you can not give up contact lenses when you enter the water, the special glasses are the perfect solution. They are very comfortable due to the fitting that perfectly adapts to the face, thus preventing the contact of the eyes, implicitly with the lens, with water. If it happens that water touches your lenses during swimming, it is advisable to throw them even if their shelf life has not expired.

An alternative when you go on holiday is buying your daily contact lenses. They are disposable, which means they must be discarded after first use. The daily contact lenses are the most hygienic but also the most comfortable, thanks to the thin fabric they are made of. They provide a good clarity because they are new and the risk of eye disease is almost zero.

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