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Voriso Blog

Voriso Blog

The Benefits Of Using Continuous Contact Lenses

Much of the person suffering from eye diseases is increasingly turning to diopter contact lenses. They can correct the view to the same extent as eyeglasses do, but have a few advantages.


About contact lenses

Contact lenses provide maximum visibility as they follow eye movements, helping you to enjoy focusing on the entire visual field. They are attached to the cornea, never slipping from the eye and providing comfort throughout the wearing time. At the same time, they can be an alternative to laser surgery, giving freedom whether it’s a sport or a social life.

Depending on the mode of wear, contact lenses are classified in disposable lenses, monthly contact lenses, annual contact lenses, and continuous-use lenses that can also be used during sleep.

Additional information

Continuously wearing lenses have the highest degree of oxygen transmissibility (over 140 DK) and can be worn for up to 30 days, with the recommendation that they be removed from the eye and inserted into the sterile solution to be cleaned of impurities , at least once a week. These lenses are a medical innovation and they have an exceptional technique that addresses especially those who have very large diopters, thus giving them permanent comfort and visibility.

Most continuous contact lenses are made of silicone-hydrogel, and because of their basic properties, that they can oxygenate the cornea, they can be worn without the risk of irritation, even during sleep. Moreover, it protects the eyes from UV rays, which have been incorporated into UV filter material.

Continuously wearing contact lenses are an effective alternative for people with unpredictable schedules for those who travel a lot, but also for those whose daily lens application and removal process is uncomfortable.

Until you buy such a pair of contact lenses it is recommended to do an oftarmologic control.


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