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Voriso Blog

Voriso Blog

How To Choose Colored Contact Lenses And See What Really Suits You

The correct choice of colored contact lenses that best suits you depends on a whole range of factors such as the color of your hair and the tone of your skin.

But not only: a successful choice is closely related to the physical aspect you want to acquire, which can be subtle and natural or dramatic and intense.


Contact lenses for light eyes

If you want to change your look, but in a subtle way, you could choose colorful contact lenses to enhance the color of your eyes. They keep the color of your eyes, but they intensify their shade.

If you want to experience a different eye color, but you can look very natural at the same time, you can choose gray or green contact lenses, especially if you have blue eyes.

If you want to get a more dramatic look that everyone around you can see right away, dare! If your eyes are light, choose a pair of contact lenses that will give you a different eye color and rely on a very intense nuance.


Contact lenses for dark eyes

Contact lenses with opaque shades, which we talked about in the article A few essential things you need to know about colored contact lenses are the best choice if you have black eyes. In order to have a very natural look, choose the light – brown contact lenses.

If you have black eyes and want to stand out, opt for blue, green or purple lenses in intense shades. However, if your skin is dark, light-colored lenses can change your appearance in a positive and great way.


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