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Voriso Blog

Voriso Blog

ZenOptic – Cleaning And Maintenance Solution

Contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular, such as choosing people who have dioptres and no longer wanting to wear eyeglasses, as well as people who want a temporary change for the color of their eyes.

Since the lenses come in direct contact with a sensitive organ of your body, proper care is not an option, but an obligation. When you make the decision to wear contact lenses, you need to know exactly their care and hygiene rules to help protect yourself from any bacteria that could damage your eyes. On the contact lenses can be deposited dust particles, cosmetic traces and, in the long run, proteins secreted by the eyeball.



That’s why it’s very important to store the contact lenses in their special holder, filled with clean solution after each wearing. This process is necessary for disinfecting the lenses and killing potential microbes, thus keeping the eyes healthy and clear view.

There are several types of contact lenses cleaning and maintenance solutions on the market, and one of the best is – ZenOptic. This is a combination of special agents that cleanse the lenses well, effectively removing protein deposits and germs. Also keep hydrated lenses, so they are comfortable throughout their wear.

The ZenOptic multifunctional solution cleans, rinses, disinfects, lubricates, offers double hydration and maintains contact lenses – both colored and colored. High content of hyaluronic acid fights against lens dehydration due to pollution and environmental conditions, protects against moisture loss throughout the day and is the perfect solution for dry and sensitive eye contact lens wearers.

What does this solution have in its composition?

Sodium Hyaluronate and HPMC – Offers a double moisturizing effect, preventing moisture loss throughout the day, providing maximum comfort while wearing contact lenses.

Polyhexanide – Helps keep contact lenses free of germs and bacteria by disinfecting them and keeping them intact for their entire shelf life.

Poloxamer – A cleaning agent that removes proteins and traces of dust that can be applied to contact lenses during wear.

Sodium phosphate – Maintains a pH balance and improves the performance of added electrolytes (sodium chloride and potassium chloride) for a more natural use of contact lenses.

Never dilute the maintenance solution of the contact lenses with other liquids. Any other substance can destroy contact lenses or, at worst, you may develop an ocular infection.

The health of your eyes is very important, so regardless of whether you wear contact lenses or colored contact lenses, choose the best solution for cleaning and storing them.

ZenOptic is available in three versions, from which you can choose the one that suits you:

- 60 ml (that can be worn daily in your bag without feeling weighing);

- 120 ml;

- 360 ml.

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