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Voriso Blog

Discover The Three Types Of Colored Lenses

If you feel the time has come for a new look, but you don't want it to be a permanent one, the most convenient option is to buy a pair of colored contact lenses. You will be able to get out of anonymity by taking a charming look and a more attractive style!


 For the effect to be the one you expect, when choosing your contact lenses you need to keep in mind a few criteria, such as the material they are made of, their size and their type.


So let’s discover together the three types of contact lenses in terms of their nuance:
->>> Mono-tone colored contact lenses

These lenses are colored in a single shade that covers the iris, being suitable for people who want to change their eye color but also keep a natural look. With the help of mono-tone contact lenses, anyone can quickly gain a mysterious and provocative air, bringing the admiration of everyone around.


->>> Bi-tone colored contact lenses

The bi-tone colored contact lenses are designed in two shades of pigments of the chosen color so that the passage is not a sudden one. They define the eye by the effect of the outer contour of the iris, giving it a vibrant natural look.


->>> Tri-tone colored contact lenses

Colorful contact lenses in the tri-tone category combine comfort with style without drastic color changes. They have a three-tone chromatic contrast that gives the eyes a pleasant and natural effect, with a ring surrounding the pupil, followed by the base color of the lens, the iris being highlighted by the darker pigments that impress and merge perfect with their basic shade.

Also, the type of contact lenses should be chosen according to the natural color of the eyes. If you have light-colored eyes, then the three-tone lenses are suitable for you because they create a well-defined contour and give your eyes a shine and elegance, thus bringing it to light.

For dark-colored eyes, the monotone-colored contact lenses are perfect in light shades, superimposed perfectly with the natural shade of the eye, but for irresistible chromatic contrast and expressiveness, you can also trust bi-tone lenses.

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