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Voriso Blog

Contact Lenses vs Eyeglasses – What Are The Advantages Of Each Option?

Many people with eyes problems have been asked, at least once, what is their best option: eyeglasses or contact lenses? Each of the two options comes packaged with a number of advantages that could tilt the balance in one direction or other.


What are the benefits of Contact Lenses:

Provides increased visibility

If you want an agile and correct view, the contact lenses are best suited. They offer the advantage of an extended field of view, due to eye movements. Thus, unlike glasses that offer a poor peripheral view, contact lenses help you enjoy focusing on the entire visual field.

They are suitable for sports activities

Contact lenses are almost always used by athletes, including those with performance, who are unable to train with glasses. In addition, the expanded field of view is an indisputable advantage when practicing all team sports, but also in the case of martial arts.

Do not slip off your eyes and fall from your face

The contact lens never slips from the eye, but remains attached to the pupil. Moreover, most contact lens wearers “forget” that they wear, due to the almost total comfort they offer to their eyes.

Do not abrade

In winter, glasses abate when the wearers enter the outside in a heated room or in a space where the temperature difference is significant, such as in subway stations. In the case of contact lenses, this discomfort is inexistent.

They are discreet

Contact lenses help you keep your natural look. While the shape of the glasses frame does not fit the outfit every time, the lenses are “blended” with any style of clothing. In addition, they allow you to wear sunglasses during the summer and even on sunny winter days.

Sometimes they are the best medical solution

For people with large dioptres, contact lenses are the best solution for vision improvement, especially for serious myopia, hypermetropia or anisometropia (eye diphthapic diffusion).

What are the benefits of Eyeglasses:

Eyeglasses are always a fashion accessory and can be purchased in various colors and shapes. In addition, the glasses give you a more serious air and highlight your intelligence.

It’s easy to maintain

Glasses are very easy to maintain, and their lenses need only be removed when the wearer feels the need to do so due to stains. Unlike contact lenses, glasses do not require cleaning and daily care.

I am very easy to handle

Unlike contact lenses, which require a certain technique of placing on the pupil, the glasses are very easy to handle.

They have increased strength

There are models of glasses that are virtually impossible to break or bend. Both lenses of glasses and frames are resistant when they are hit by blunt objects.

They are cheaper

With the exception of glasses manufactured by the most famous fashion brands, glasses are cheaper than contact lenses, compared to the wearing period.

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