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Voriso Blog

Voriso Blog

Complete Your Makeup With A Pair Of Colored Lenses

It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul, and the look can say, subliminal, more than the words can do. An intense, enigmatic or seductive look can highlight a hidden side of your personality. Wearing colored contact lenses, you can be the same, but different every day.

Going to a party, an important event, or is it still a normal day in your life? Choose to complement your look with a pair of colored lenses to highlight and give you confidence. A small trick of changing appearance is a great change in the way others perceive us.

Women want to attract attention in a pleasant way when they come in contact with other people, and nowadays, this is very simple. All you have to do is dress the most beautiful clothes in your wardrobe, apply a makeup according to the shape of your face and access a pair of colored lenses. These lenses allow you to change the color of your eyes partially or even totally, being perfect for a subtle day look or a bold and dramatic look.

Any beauty kit should contain, besides your favorite mascara and lipstick, a pair of colored contact lenses. They will not let you go unnoticed. Think about giving your eyes a shade more intense than blue and sky blue, more green than emerald blacker than the ebony. It sounds tempting, is not it? Then stop thinking and choose right now the shade you dream of.

Discredited people can trust the lenses with lightening or accentuating the depth of the look, while bold people can opt for the lenses in intense colors.

Basic Accessory Shades – Contact lenses in this range have a solid but translucent shade and are meant to enhance the natural color of the eyes.

Eyelush Opaque Shades – These are contact lenses in dense and non-transparent shades that have the power to completely change the natural color of the eyes and are also suited for darker eyes.

Crazy Effect Shades – Contact lenses of this range are opaque and non-coforming, which can be used especially for shows, theme events, or the Halloween party. Wearing these lenses, your eyes will have a strong impact and you will not go unnoticed.


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