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Voriso Blog

Voriso Blog

Alcon/Ciba Vision

Alcon is one of the most popular contact lens manufacturers. Alcon also produces multifunctional solutions for maintaining contact lenses and maintaining eye health.

Alcon is the trademark of Opti-free, which offers a wide range of solutions for contact lenses. Alcon was founded in 1945 in Forth Worth, Texas by Robert Alexander and William Conner, two American pharmacists.

Alcon dedicates itself to maintaining, restoring and correcting the vision of people around the world. Alcon is also a top company, one of the leaders in the contact lens solutions market, with over 23,000 workers, who eventually become part of an international, talented and specialized team.

Alcon offers a wide range of ophthalmic products. It also provides extensive medical treatment and is committed to research and development in the field of medical optics. Alcon products are available in more than 180 countries around the world.

About the manufacturer

Alcon is a company over 65 years old committed to helping people correct their vision. Alcon is well aware of her customers and their needs. As a result, Alcon adapts its products to meet the expectations of users.

The goal of Alcon is to help people improve and even correct their vision issues by offering innovative products. Alcon works with professionals around the world and respects the highest ethical and legal standards.


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